Friday, 29 May 2009

Hand Lotion

Only short, Blue gave me this "word" to free write around, it didn't expand so much as some subjects do.

Hand lotion, hand cream, call it what you will. I should use it much more often than I do. Working with paper and water makes my hands very sore, and the skin sometimes splits down the sides of my fingers, in line with my nails. ...Ouch!

After the plaster came off my ankle I massaged my scars with body lotion/hand lotion every night to help the scar tissue become supple.

Daft thing is the skin on my hands isn't too rough, it just seems to split really easily, which I am sure is for a completely different reason.

A few years I was treated to a manicure/pedicure and facial massage by a friend who was taking a beauty qualification , and needed a guinea pig. It was my birthday that day, so I felt rather pampered, and no, I haven't repeated the experience since.

I do buy good quality hand cream, and in winter when my skin splits very easily with cold I use Neem cream, a very well kept secret of India.