Monday, 19 April 2010


kiss, the dictionary defines a kiss as follows;
touch with lips, esp. as sign of love, reverence, etc.; touch lightly. [verb]
touch of lips, light touch [noun]
(from the Little Oxford dictionary)
When you are small the person ho kisses you most often is your Mum, and possibly your Dad, Grandparents kiss their grandchildren. As you get older people tend to be more conscious of kissing, and before long young boys wriggle to get free of their Mum's and Gran's when they try to kiss them. Little girls dream of the perfect kiss, from the "handsome prince", and that they will then live happily ever after. Bigger girls day dream about the dishy, they think, pop stars, and the "perfect" boy at school. Not being male, I have no idea if boys think of the same thing. Then as you get older there are daft little things that you want. I don't know how, but I have found mine. It sounds really daft but to be held gently and kissed lightly on top of the head makes me feel all gooey inside, and although he's not said so, I could feel the love from the someone special in my life.
Who would have thought a simple kiss would mean so much?