Sunday, 12 July 2009

Draft of poem

Thought I'd share this rough draft of a poem with you......I wrote it a couple of weeks back, it needs some tweaking, but it already says what I want it to.
Like all my poems, it doesn't yet have a me you don't give a poem a title until it is finished, like you don't name a baby until it is born. I have made a couple of changes from the original whilst just typing it up.

Where were you,
When JFK was killed?
Do you remember,
or too young?

Where were you,
When Princess Di died?
Do you remember,
or didn't you care?

Where were you
When Michael Jackson died?
Do you remember,
or were you too young, or old, to care?

Where were you
When YOUR Grandad died?
Do you remember?
You weren't
too young,
too old,
or didn't care!

But were you there?
or walking on the Moors?
Or driving through the snow?
Listening to news of John Lennon's death?
Where were you
When YOUR Grandad died?

Friday, 29 May 2009

Hand Lotion

Only short, Blue gave me this "word" to free write around, it didn't expand so much as some subjects do.

Hand lotion, hand cream, call it what you will. I should use it much more often than I do. Working with paper and water makes my hands very sore, and the skin sometimes splits down the sides of my fingers, in line with my nails. ...Ouch!

After the plaster came off my ankle I massaged my scars with body lotion/hand lotion every night to help the scar tissue become supple.

Daft thing is the skin on my hands isn't too rough, it just seems to split really easily, which I am sure is for a completely different reason.

A few years I was treated to a manicure/pedicure and facial massage by a friend who was taking a beauty qualification , and needed a guinea pig. It was my birthday that day, so I felt rather pampered, and no, I haven't repeated the experience since.

I do buy good quality hand cream, and in winter when my skin splits very easily with cold I use Neem cream, a very well kept secret of India.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Why aren't people born complete with a remote control?

When children are young, and you haven't had any could just press the mute button...and get your much needed sleep.

Or later on, after you've spent ages coaxing them to say their first word...and you wish that just for 10 minutes they would give it a could again...hit the mute button.

What if the change channels button could let you see what your child would be like in a few years know....just press +10...and you get an idea what they would be like in 10 years time.

The button I would personally want right now is one to turn my feelings on....or off!
There is nothing worse than falling for someone, then splitting up..through neither of your faults...and trying to adjust.

Yes, that touches very close to something very dear, and has happened to me.

Hey...but when the kids were young I would have given some points to have a mute button for them.

Only kidding....they have all three worked out fine...which is something...seeing as my head sometimes seems so muddled.