Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Whenever the word snoring is said , we all conjure up our own mental image related to it.
Countless women complain that their husband's snoring keeps them awake at night, but they probably snore themselves, only you don't hear yourself snore.
I'm not altogether sure of the reason people snore, but I think everyone must do, at some point in their lives.
At the back of your mouth, at the top you have a soft palate, and your tonsils. The air has to get past these, the more loose they are the more they will vibrate when you are asleep. Stands to reason.
When I was in hospital a few weeks ago I fell asleep one night to a symphony of snores. Each persons snore was slightly different, and they were all slightly different in timing. Animals snore, at least both my dogs do, which is why I am guessing that everyone snores.
It must be awful on the plains of the Serengeti, do you think the zebras go up to the elephants and poke them from snoring too loudly. And what does a giraffe snore sound like?
So next time you are about to complain about someone snoring, stop, and think. It could be an elephant lying nearby snoring, keeping you awake.
And as I have been writing this there's been a background snoring, as my son is asleep, and he has tonsillitis, his throat is very swollen, so his breathing is blocked causing him to snore. He must keep moving as the sound keeps changing slightly.