Friday, 5 October 2007


The most counter productive of all emotions. Who invented anger? Ok, someone gets you real mad, and you want to get your own back, but getting cross with them just feeds your anger, it makes you tense, can’t unwind, and ninety nine times out of a hundred you are felling worse than you were when the person got you angry in the first place. Granted there are times when anger can help you. How? I hear you ask. Say there’s something you really have to do, anger sometimes gives you the strength to carry out the task. Smashing up the solid lump of concrete where my fireback should have been, anger came in real handy there, after all, I’d been chipping away with a coal chisel and hammer for a few days, not moving much, so abandoning the job. Anyway, one day someone had got me really cross, I can’t remember why, and I thought I’d try again, within 20 minutes the concrete was shifted. I’d seemed to get extra strength from somewhere, and I could only put it down to being angry. The good thing about that was, having broken all the concrete up, it made me happy, so all the negative energies I’d had, because I had been angry were replaced by happy positive energies, as the job I thought would never end had just “melted” away. The only other time I can truly remember being so very angry was when I was having my third child, I’d had an epidural block, and I was beginning to get sensation back, but the baby wasn’t here, and it bloody well hurt. The midwife said that it would be too late by the time they got the anaesthetist there for me to have the epidural topped up. (It was Saturday evening.) I got cross at the pain I was in, and sure enough, within a few minutes my son was born. I wasn’t for one minute cross with him, it was just I was tired, having been in labour for the best part of 30 hours, and I just wanted it to end. And all that anger faded away as soon as I held my youngest in my arms, and again was replaced by positive emotions.
I have been on the receiving end of some anger in my life, and it is terrifying when people just let it take over. I’ve seen a hockey stick snapped in two, a panel punched out of a door, and in both these instances, there was no visible “happy ending”, and as far as I could see the angry person was still angry afterwards. I think he’s always angry. Anger is a red mist if not controlled properly and can be extremely dangerous, I suppose that is why people look for revenge, but my personal take on that is, that sooner or later a person who is always causing anger in others will reap the rewards of their anger. I try to avoid angry people.
I could have got angry the other night when I forgot to put water in my steamer, and cooked the veg with no water in the steamer, but all it would have done is get me stressed, stress causes your blood pressure to rise, also, the Fight or flight instinct kicks in, you can end up not being able to eat properly, and if you do eat, then being sick, as your digestive system is slowed down, and more often than not stopped during periods of “flight or fight” reaction, that is why people feel sick in stressful situations.